Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Stairs

The little stairs that led to my room
I remember walking them up and down
I've sat on them thinking of life
I've played on them with my cat at night
I've laughed on them I've cried
on the little stairs that led to my room

You've dreamed of those stairs and you walked up to my room
and you walked up and down
and you thought of life
and you played with my cat at night
and you laughed and you cried
on the little stairs that led to my room
but then you went down and you never returned

Then I started to walk the stairs again
up and down
and up and down
but it wasn't the same
and I had to leave them behind
the stairs that led you to my room

by Verena Zyla - 29/11/09

Next Life

Tears are running down my face
are they of joy or sorrow?

Of joy coz of the moments we shared
the times we laughed
the times we kissed
the times we just looked at each other
our love

Of sorrow coz that time is gone
the time we laughed
the time we kissed
the time just looked at each other
our love

A memory that's filled with joy and carries so much sorrow
A memory that carries fear but even hope for tomorrow
A lifetime I'll be thankful for the moments in this life we shared
A lifetime I'll be crying from this life of yours I'm bared

by Verena Zyla - 29/11/09


Lying at the silver lake
Sunshine brightly
the world to awake

It feels like heaven's come to touch
the earth at this morning hour

Colours on this winter sky
I feel you are close
in deep thought I sigh

It feels like you have come to touch
my heart at this morning hour

You cannot feel how the wind is blowing
the snow is falling
a white world that is glowing

It feels like you have come to touch
my soul at this morning hour

I long out your lips to kiss
just to realize
its the only thing that I miss

It feels like you have come to touch
my heart my soul
where are your lips?

by Verena Zyla - 29/11/09

Little Child

Oh little child of sorrow
forgotten be your fear
May you rise up your voice
shed not a single tear

Love will be your strength
for you fight what is right
Injustice you will counter
give light in darkest night

For lies are what you crush
faith in what is true
Dont give up, you know
that God will be with you

by Verena Zyla - 15/04/09

...for I love my dream world

are dreams illusions

or another kind of reality

does the one in my dream exist

which is the real world

is the air in my dream clearer

the sky more blue

the grass greener

I can fly in my dream

does a dream destroy my reality

it keeps me going

for the dream to become real

by Verena Zyla - 08/03/09

Abou the One who gives

When you were sad I was drying your tears
Now I'm crying, you cant even see them

When you were angry I was listening to your anger
Now I'm angry, you are deaf to my voice

When you were loney I was sitting with you forever
Now I'm lonely, you are not there

When the whole world turned against you I was standing by your side
Now the world has turned against me, you are not beside me

When you had no place to go I opend my door for you
Now I have no place to go, your door stays closed

When you didnt feel loved I gave you all the love I had
Now I dont feel loved, you don't realize

When you were standing in the dark I was your light
Now I'm in the dark, your light is not for me

Even I fall at times... Help me up again...

by Verena Zyla, 10/02/09

A Crack

There's a crack in a life
Like broken glass
Shards are all around you

In brume is covered all the world
You cannot see, You cannot go
Not back, not front, just standing

In every direction you could take
Pain only is waiting

So rest a while within my heart
Gimme your soul
Till brume has solved
Till shards have been blown away by the wind

by Verena Zyla - 02/02/09

Rain on You

I wanna rain on you
I wanna be a warm summer rain
One of those that make you dance
One of those that make you smile
I wanna rain on you
I wanna be a warm summer rain
and rain on you... and rain and rain

by Verena Zyla - 30/01/09

Soul's Love

In dreams you’ve caught me in the night
My mind to fly, to be so light

Things you showed me I hadn’t seen
Places you took me I hadn’t been

The music of my life is you
It’s all I want to listen to

Though far you are, you are so close
Your soul’s the one that my soul chose

Like dancing in the summer rains
Walking through brightest rainbow lanes

I feel like a new world has come to life
A world that makes pure love alive

In real life and dreams it ought to be shared
Between you and me, the ones who cared

by Verena Zyla - 22/01/09

You Are

You are like a day in spring
fresh and young and mild

You are like the ocean sea
deep and strong and wild

You are like a summer night
warming, mystic, light

You are like the mother sun
shining, loving, bright

You are like the sweetest smile
true, alive and free

You are like the whitest snow
innocent, pure, you are my soul's lee

by Verena Zyla - 08/01/09

What you do to me

My heart is beating
My mind is flying
far away to be with you

My thoughts aren't clear
I can't hear a thing
my ears are caught in your voice

My eyes are shining
My skin is burning
longing for you and your touch

You are my passion
You are my soul

by Verena Zyla - 08/01/09

Thanks to the One that makes You smile

It's people like you who make me smile
who make me feel alive
who make my world, that's filled with doubt
go on to arrive

Arrive at a place that's filled with love
a place that's just and bright
a place I touched a million times
often I've seen the light

I keep going on, because
you show me it does exist
it's in your heart and in your soul
it has all that I have often missed

Verena Zyla - 04/01/09

A New Year

The year is over
A new to begin
Love I've found
Gone with a sin

The new year will bring
Something new all the way
Since my love is already gone
No need to stay

What I've been looking for all my life
It disappeared the moment it arrived

My dream has been shattered
But one thing is now clear
Since love is in the past
I dont need to fear

That once again I will lose all I need
And once again my heart will bleed

Verena Zyla - 31-12-08

For I hope you'll come

Every day I'm crying tears
The pain is not decreasing

I can't get over you my dear
No smile has crossed my lips

My heart, it has been torn apart
My soul seems dark and hidden

I had been waiting all my life
For you to cross my way

The soul that I had known for lives
The soul that's part of mine

You're moving on but I stand still
all that's left is hope

And when you come then I will still stand
Waiting here for you

Verena Zyla - 30-12-08

A Winter Walk

The cold air blowing in my face
I feel lost, lifes like a maze

I'm shivering and freezing
Snow crystals in my hair
Thoughts I want to share
You wont start believing

I am splendid by the world around
Glazed in pure and innocent white
Wishing it was to share with you by my side
Far away, the sweetest sound

The cold air blowing in my face
I feel lost, lifes like a maze

Verena Zyla - 28/12/08

Imagine the Hope

I can't imagine life without you

When you walk away from me
I want you to turn around and smile

When you kiss me
I want it to last forever

When you hold me
I want to stay in those arms for a life time

How could I live...
Thinking that it was the last time you smiled at me
The last time you kissed me
The last time you held me in your arms

It's the hope that keeps me going... that you will be in my life forever

Verena Zyla - 27/12/08

Lay Down

I lay down for a while
My soul to find peace
My mind to rest
My fear to go
My heart to beat
My life to feel
My prayers to be heard
My breath to clear
My eyes to see

I lay down beside you
My love to stay
But it wouldnt

by Verena Zyla, 23-12-08