Sunday, 27 November 2011

You And Me Are Trees

You and me, we are trees
Our roots reach deep into the ground
They reach out so far, they touch

In the spring we both bloom in the sun
And a bird builds her nest way up in my branches
With branchlets she found beneath you

In the summer those freshly hatched birds eat your fruits
And children run around us laughing in the summer-rain

In the fall we turn red and yellow and all our leaves are falling
The wind moves us left and right, we reach out and our branches touch
And a squirrel collects nuts below us, hiding them in the ground
The same ground that holds our roots

In the winter the snow turns us both white and you smile
And I smile
Another year has passed and it was beautiful
We were alive, we were trees

You and me are trees
Our roots reach deep into the earth
Our branches reach far out into the sky

by Verena Zyla - 28/11/2011

Monday, 21 November 2011

Do I Still Care For You

Do I still care for you?

When the snow melted in the spring and the flowers awoke to welcome the spring,
I sat among them and while every single one of them smiled at me,
I scattered tears all over them.

When the flowers went to hide from the hot sun in the summer and cherries were hanging in the trees,
I sat beneath them and while every single one of them was ripe and glowing,
I wasn't able to taste their sweetness.

When the fruits had been reaped and fall came to colour the leaves and they fell to the ground,
I sat in the midst of them and while the wind played with red and yellow,
I tried to catch one but they all were blown away.

When everything had gone and the trees were standing bare the winter came cold and quietly,
I sat at the window and looked up into the sky when I saw the first snow flake falling,
and I went outside and closed my eyes and opened my mouth to catch it with my tongue,
and I thought of you and last year's snow and asked myself do I still care for you?

Just as last year the snow is falling. And again the flowers will bloom in the spring. In the summer we will have cherries and in the fall the leaves will dance in the wind.

by Verena Zyla - 22/11/2011