Saturday, 24 August 2013

Love You. Good Night.

I’m not just a thing that you keep in your room
I wasn’t put here for you to consume
Just to speak when asked to and told what to do
And left to get dusty when I become inconvenient for you
To think when you don’t see me I stop to exist
That a kind word can make up for the days you have missed
You forget, actions speak louder than any word you say
‘I love you my darling’ – but you are never here to stay
The room’s getting darker, would take two to keep it bright
Maybe tomorrow – ‘Love you. Good Night.’

By Verena Zyla - 24/08/2013

Friday, 16 August 2013

The Loved Incurable

Oh how carelessly you treat the things that matter most and how hastily you embrace the things that have no meaning to end up empty-handed.
Have you no mirror to see the emptiness in your eyes?
Everything so delicately built, how thoughtlessly you shake the foundation we've laid, until the walls crack and the roofs fall.
For me to joylessly pick up every stone to rebuild what has fallen to dust.

You look at me and smile. 'I love you' you say.
And while I lift the next stone you again walk away.

But I know you'll return when the walls are back tall.
For my light is still bright, yours has become small.

by Verena Zyla - 16/08/2013

Saturday, 10 August 2013

I Could Have Shown It All To You

The reason you say it doesn't exist is because you haven't been there
But I got to go there
Because I believed

I wanted to take you too
But you refused to take my hand

I would have shown it to you
And it has the beauty of heaven
And nothing is impossible among those bright, shining lights

But you wouldn't believe me
And I could have shown it to you

But you called me crazy
Though I told you I had seen it
And you could have too

If you would have just taken my hand

... but you missed the chance
And one day there will be another hand

by Verena Zyla - 09/04/2009

A Trip

There are moments when you are far away, but your body is still here.
And you jump from one cloud to another
to reach a valley of flowers
and you paint a rainbow with your hands
while breathing in the sunlight
and you dance in the summer rain
joining hands in love
stealing cherries from a tree
kissing the world
floating in the moment
in a body of no weight
for you are made of love
and love is all you need
and you may not fear the night
for you are protected
entering the moonlight
collecting stars
surrounded by light
just set yourself free!

by Verena Zyla - 09/05/2009