Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sunshine Love

Sunshine, heartbeat, sunshine, love
I've been walking up and down the seaside
Sunshine, heartbeat, sunshine, love
You smiled at me competing with the sun
Sunshine, heartbeat, sunshine, love
Kisses, nights to rememeber
Sunshine, heartbeat, sunshine, love
Nothing lasts forever
Neither sunshine, heartbeat, sunshine, love

by Verena Zyla - 22/05/2010


Seems like life has just begun
A moment with those beautiful thoughts
I would not have believed it days ago
Until it embraced me and how I smile now
I smile from my soul
With all my heart
Beloved life, you've just begun

by Verena Zyla - 22/05/2010

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Earth and Sky

I am the earth and you are the sky
At times we touch
At times you pass by
But one cannot be without the other

And sometimes you may reach out into space
Looking for something more to see
Remember whenever you look back down
You will always see me

by Verena Zyla - 30/04/2010

Mother Nature

Blessed be you with all your beauty

The beauty of the world is you, your creation

You the mother of me
Mother of my brothers and sisters

You, who's love I always know by my side

I had gone out to learn
Now I come to you, for you to teach me your virtues

Blessed be you with all your beauty

by Verena Zyla - 30/04/2010

Dear Love

Dear love I want to embrace you for what you do to me
You make my head spin
You make me feel like flying
Oh beautiful love

You make me crazy
Make me do all those things I would not usually do
Oh wonderful love

You make me shiver
You make my heart beat faster
Oh amazing love

You make me lose my mind
You free my soul
Oh you shining light inside me

May you never turn dark
Oh love

by Verena Zyla - 30/04/2010

Room of Memories

I miss your shoes in the corner of the room
They used to be next to mine

My clothes would hardly fit into the cupboard next to yours
Still I hope for them to be there every day

Your towel is not hanging on the heater
Your thoothbrush ain't next to mine

I have not touched the kitchen
The tea you used to drink is not there

I laugh at those shows on TV every Thursday
Then I realize you ain't laughing next to me anymore

No more key on the dresser
None of your clothes in the laundry


by Verena Zyla - 30/04/2010

The Star

You'll look up at the stars one day
and thank for life with glee

And you will see the brightest star
that brightest star is me

I've been beside you all my life
you would not even see

But one day you will know and smile
and I will smile at thee

by Verena Zyla - 30/04/2010